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Exhibitions and Media

-The Craftsmanship Issue, Décor Maine November 2022

- Hopkins Wharf Gallery August 2022

-Smithsonian Craft Show 2022 
- Maine Homes by DownEast; Instant Heirlooms Spring 2022
- Maine Wood 2022; Center for Furniture Craftsmanship
-Crafting a Revolution; Podcast Episode 228 January 2022
-Smithsonian Craft Show 2021
-Furniture Society Featured Member August 2021
-North Haven Gallery Exhibit August 2021
-American Craft Council April 2021
-Rare Woods USA Woodworker Series March 2021
-Philadelphia Museum of Art November 2020
-Smithsonian Craft Show October 2020
-North Haven Gallery Exhibit August 2020
-Maine Wood 2020; Center for Furniture Craftsmanship
-DownEast Gift Guide December 2019
-CraftBoston December 2019
-Island Institute Artist Profile October 2019
-CraftBoston December 2018
-MCA Fine Craft Show August 2018

* Please Note, All fine woodworking pieces are custom ordered or gallery made. Only a few items are for sale on the site. Please reach out for custom inquires. 

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